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‘BB 15’: Abhijit’s comments upset Devoleena, he says she’s in love with Pratik, not him

Mumbai : ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestants Abhijit Bichukale and Devoleena Bhattacharjee were again seen getting into a verbal spat beacuse of his disrestpectful comments on Devoleena.

During the coming episode, Abhijit flirts with Devoleena and asks her to get dressed up in a western wear to recreate Shah Rukh Khan’s popular scene with her. He also said that he cannot enact like Salman Khan beacuse he doesn’t have that kind of physique.

Devoleena looks uncomfortable and tries to change the subject but then Abhijit says: “Can we enact Emraan Hashmi scene?”. Devoleena gets upset and ask him to apologise.

Devoleena told Abhijit: “Honestly, I’m not comfortable,” she said. She further also mentioned that she is comfortable with Pratik Sehajpal’s touch but not his. To this Abhijit said: “You are in love with Pratik and not me because I am married.”

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