February 23, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Ayushmann Khurrana: People who are multi-faceted are inspirations to me

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana says he is always inspired by multi-talented personalities. The actor is currently reading up on the life and times of Salvador Dali, the revolutionary Spanish artist.

“He was a man of many talents. He painted, was into graphic arts, had interest in films, sculpture, design, photography. Basically, he was drawn to all things creative and I just wanted to read up on how his mind worked. People who are multi-faceted and multi-talented are huge inspirations to me. I look to learn from their lives,” Ayushmann said.

The actor says his interest in Dali peaked after he binge-watched the series “Money Heist”. The Dali masks in the show serve as a symbol of resistance and national pride.

“This lockdown has really fuelled my interest to learn new things and I have started reading up on Salvador Dali, the iconic Spanish surreal artist. My interest to know about his life and works peaked when I watched ‘Money Heist’ and I really wanted to know more,” said Ayushmann.

During Guru Purnima, Ayushamann had hailed the Indian playback legend Kishore Kumar to be a huge inspiration in his life and career.

“I have been very vocal about being intrigued by Kishore Kumar, too. Such icons are an institution in themselves and have left behind so many learnings for us to grasp, for us to understand. I’m thoroughly enjoying learning about their lives, their philosophies and their beliefs,” he said.

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