December 1, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Asim Riaz opens up on journey from ‘Main Tera Hero’ to ‘Back to start’

Mumbai, Asim Riaz gained major fandom on “Bigg Boss 13”, but he actually started off as a model and featured in the Varun Dhawan film “Main Tera Hero” before that. He recalls his initial days and tags them as experiences with many downfalls.

Asim defines his journey so far quite simply while chatting . “Experiences. A lot of downfalls, a lot of struggle, hustle (and) surviving. At the end I want to tell you that I did it. I did what I had thought about. I thought about what I wanted to do and I did it,” he asserts.

Asim, a popular face among the youth, has featured in several music videos with his lady love Himanshi Khurana and has recently come out with his first rap track “Back to start”.

“I feel really blessed. I tell people I went through this. I am just being fearless and telling you my part that this happened and you can survive. I am telling that my life was not always bright. You have to work towards making your future bright,” he summed up his motto.

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