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Anushka Ranjan looks super hot in the swim suit seen enjoying her mini vacation and gives summer vibes in monsoon

Mumbai : Anushka Ranjan is just burning it up. She is in incredible shape and the sun is shining bright on her. We recently saw some lovely by the pool pictures of the girl and she looks smoking hot. She has worked out a lot and has a major focus on diet which is what we are guessing is the secret to her fit body and smile. She is also preparing for her upcoming
projects for which she has been tight lipped.

We tried to get some information out of her and here is what the charming girl has to say, “I have tried various things to keep fit and in good spirits during the lockdown and the pandemic. It gave me a lot of clarity and I could sit back and think as to what needs to be done. I needed this time out. I have changed my diet and currently i am on keto diet which have had huge positive impact on the way I function and my energy systems are. I recover very quick now and I have all the energy in the world. Weight training and cardio have been such a revelation. I would be coming out with more on my projects. Just that I can’t share much right now. Love and light to all.

We know that Anushka loved working out but the results are staggering. We are rooting for you girl.

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