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Alia Bhatt a hypocrite?

Mumbai, Alia Bhatt is the latest target of social media trolls for her hypocritical behaviour. On the sets of Kapil Sharma Show, the actor was caught denying having sugar. Bhatt, on the other hand, has been promoting candy and fruit drinks for years.

On Internet users are questioning this double speak, asking ‘Hey Alia, so should we eat sugar, or not?’

Others went so far as to tag ASCI, wondering if the celebrity was breaking any advertising rules.

On social media a collage of two scenes was shared, with Bhatt on the left refusing sugar and on the right supporting Frooti, Dark Fantasy, Coca-cola, and Perk.

Alia Bhatt was slammed in several tweets for misleading people and being a “hypocrite.”.

Celebrities are occasionally chastised for advocating items they don’t believe in, on Internet. Akshay Kumar was been brought into the janta ki Internet court for endorsing Vimal Elaichi, despite previously condemning tobacco and associated product endorsements.

Actors like Amitabh Bachchan have experienced similar criticism in the past for similar reasons.

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