February 23, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Absolute Review: Big B and Rashmika Starrer Goodbye is an emotional rollercoaster with humourous turns

By: Shachi Chaturvedi

Star Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Rashmika Mandanna as Tara, Neena Gupta as Gayatri  and Sunil Grover

Director: Vikas Bahl

Runtime: 2h 21m

Rating: 3.5/5


The film’s plot revolves around the death of a family member, which brings others together to rediscover a bond that they appear to have forgotten.


The movie begins with Tara, (Rashmika) a lawyer, going to a club to celebrate after winning her first case, to enjoy the party, she does not pick up calls from her mother and does not respond to her texts because she believes she will talk to her later.  The film takes a tragic turn when the girl realises that the ‘later’ will never come as her mother dies due to sudden cardiac arrest.

The story is an emotional journey with a touch of humour that just keeps getting better and better.

Throughout the two and a half hours, you never feel disconnected. This film sends a strong message to the country’s youth by depicting how one can lose sight of the importance of family in the race of our cooperative culture.

Not only that, but the film sets an example for society by questioning the rituals of everything. It tells people that the rituals are so much that people sometimes forget to share their final moments with their loved ones.

Although this film touches on the issue of having several rituals, it also tries to establish that sometimes belief is superior to science because it provides a sense of relief.

The movie is a delight when it comes to the casting, from Mr Bachchan to Nina Gupta to Rashmika and the supporting cast, everyone contributes equally to make this an amazing experience.

While everyone is fantastic, Rashmika, Sunil Grover and Mr Bachchan deserve special mention. Rashmika, in her Hindi debut, nails the role with ease whereas Mr Bachchan’s brilliance cannot be described in words. Talking about Sunil Grover, Sunil and Comedy are an ideal couple who can never go wrong together.

The background score brings each scene to life. It’s both overwhelming and amazing how revitalising and energising it is. The songs in the film are so captivating and perfectly placed that you will cry even harder every time you hear them. Every song beat and background music has an emotional impact on you.

When discussing the technical aspects of a film, one must consider not only the script but also its portrayal. This film has an amazing script that has brilliantly portrayed. The camera work, is coherent with the film’s theme. The pans, top shots, and close-ups are on point.


In short, the film is a work of art that should be seen, but don’t forget to bring a box of tissues.

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