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15 yrs of ‘Dhoom 2’: Vijay Krishna Acharya recalls his favourite action sequences

Mumbai : Yash Raj Films’ 2004 release ‘Dhoom’ established a new style of heist-action films in India. Laced with thrilling action and foot-tapping music, the film wowed the audience as it made way for a full blown franchise.

The second instalment of the franchise ‘Dhoom: 2’ released exactly 15 years ago and furthered the audience’s fascination for the genre.

As the film celebrates its 15th anniversary Wednesday, Vijay Krishna (Viktor) Acharya, the writer of ‘Dhoom’ and ‘Dhoom 2’ and the director of ‘Dhoom 3’, opened up about designing the biggest action sequences in the Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-starrer ‘Dhoom 2’.

Vijay deconstructed three key action sequences from the film starting with the ‘The great train robbery’. The writer shared the idea behind the robbery as he said, “Aryan’s character in ‘Dhoom 2’ was supposed to be someone who leads an almost invisible life, and he can do that because he’s a master of disguise.”

Explaining further, he stated how a brave choice of transforming Hrithik’s character into an old lady, led to one of the most iconic action sequences of Hindi cinema, “The first heist was planned as emblematic of this aspect of Aryan. It felt audacious at the time to see if we could pull off Hrithik as an old lady with a fortune. Of course the sequence would not have been the same if it didn’t have the sense of speed. A train hurtling down the Namibian desert. It also sets up the thief as someone who is after rarities, a connoisseur.”

He then mentioned the diamond robbery sequence set in the museum where Hrithik’s character poses as a statue while he patiently manoeuvres a remote controlled car to execute the heist. Vijay said, “Personally I’ve always been fascinated by museums, a sense of history and one feels transported in time. Since the museum heist is almost a trap set by Jai (Abhishek Bachchan), the trick was in how Aryan would get into the museum, and the solution presented itself because of the location. If you have to rob a museum, how about being an exhibit yourself.”

And finally, the writer spoke about the antique sword robbery where Hrithik’s character realises he has an imposter, he said, “This was one where Aryan meets Sunheri. The structure was more of a scene that can then lend itself to an action sequence. It also becomes the scene that will set the tone for the chemistry between the lead pair.”

“Looking back, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed writing the scene and the sequence that follows then forces them to be a team. A master thief and his acolyte,” Vijay said with a sense of contentment and artistic fulfilment.

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