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Sonam loves shopping for boys!

Sonam Kapoor speaks about the gifts she receives from her cousin Arjun Kapoor; says she loves shopping for her brothers and father

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Siblings shower each other with gifts to show their love and affection for each other and the same is with the Bollywood stars. It can be noted that Arjun Kapoor fell in love with the new tech I-walks and decided to gift his siblings. After gifting Mohit Marwah an I-walk, Arjun also gifted his lovely sister Sonam the same gadget. But it seems like Sonam was special as she was gifted two I-walks.

When asked Sonam about it, she said, “Arjun gave me two I-walks just for me. I am his favourite sister. I loved it.” Further probed if one was for Rhea, Sonam laughed and said, “No, both were for mine.” However, Arjun remained on the news for his gifting spree phase but the same was not for the beautiful actor.

Sonam, who is extremely close to her brothers and sisters, said that she has been doing so for so many years and nobody has come to know about what she has given gifts to her siblings. Asked her about it, she said, “I am constantly buying things for him and shopping for all my brothers. When they gift me something, that becomes news but when I buy for them, nobody knows.”

She reasoned further and said, “I don’t have a boyfriend. Whenever I am shopping, it’s always for my dad, brothers and sisters. Honestly, I love shopping for boys.”

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  1. Shaibaz Ansari
    16 Nov 2015

    Nice Article!!!!