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Hold your horses and head to The Stables

From mouth-watering appetizers to the perfect main course, The Stables is one stop destination for all food lovers

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Transporting you to an era between vintage and information overload, this equestrian themed gastro-pub is inspired by the tales of historic horses like Sherghar, Sea-Biscuit, Barbara, Red Rum, Secretariat to name a few. Be it celebrating the simplicity of life, seeking an out of the city experience, wanting a creative hub to revive your soul or shifting your meetings from an office cubical to the bar post work hours, this earthy space is designed to cater a global audience with a diverse set of likings.

A delight to the sight, the antique lights and chandeliers contribute to its antique décor. The use of wood and bronze in the decor is prominent which also creates a cozy ambiance and facilitates quality conversation. While on one hand the interiors of The Stables wins brownie points, the food and drinks which they serve are also not behind. Starting from appetizers, The Stables has a huge variety of water licking starters both in vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Loaded Potato Skin (V) - Baked Potato loaded with cheddar cheese and sprinkled with chives. This is a perfect dish which caters to the audience who generally don’t prefer a heavy starter. It’s not too sweet nor too spicy.

Drums of Heaven- Batter fried chicken drum stick sautéed in sichuan sauce and butter garlic sauce. As the name goes the dish actually makes you feel that you are in heaven when you taste the chicken drum stick. Taste it and you will get to know why this dish is associated with the term heaven.

Chicken BBQ Sliders - Grilled marinated meat in BBQ sauce with crispy romaine lettuce, wild cheddar and onion tropea served with French Fries and house salad.

Veg Slider - A bread crumbed cottage cheese patty with crispy romaine lettuce, wild cheddar and onion jam served with French Fries and house salad.
If not too hungry and just want to grab something quickly, you can order the Chicken BBQ slider and Veg Slider. On one hand where the Chicken BBQ Sliders consist wild cheddar and onion tropea served with French Fries and house salad, the Veg Slider which is served with crispy romaine lettuce, wild cheddar is good to fulfill your hunger at the same time satisfies the foodie you are.

BBQ Chicken Pizza - BBQ sauce, grilled chicken strips, mozzarella cheese and red onion. The BBQ Chicken Pizza is another attraction of The Stables. It can be an easy and apt choice for your evening snack which you can grab after leaving your work or if you just want to have something light but tasty at the same time.

Slow Low Lamb Shank - Slow braissed marinated lamb shank topped with gravy, served with artichoke and mash potato. Let’s admit that of all the dishes, the Slow Low Lamb Shank is hands down and the most water licking dish on the menu of The Stables. The Lamb is served with artichoke and mash potato and is a must to all the non vegetarians who visit The Stables.

Butter Chicken alongside a portion of rice and three rotis. This again is something which you can have if you want to have a proper lunch or dinner. Mind you, the Butter Chicken is just something which you can’t resist if you have once.

Chocolate Fondant – A gooey, decadent dessert. A molten lava centered cake with a dallop of vanilla ice cream.

Last but not the least, we ended this food journey with the chocolate fondant and molten lava centered cake with a dallop of vanilla ice cream.

Wind Suck - Vodka, fresh cucumber, lemon juice, honey, orange juice and lemonade. It is a great drink for Vodka lovers which is smooth and light to gulp.

Over and all, The Stables is not only a one stop destination for the food lovers but also for the ones who share a good taste and liking in the interiors of the place.

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