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Raghav Juyal: I would like to explore all aspects

Raghav Juyal in an exclusive interview takes a sneek peak on his acting skills, his love for dance and much more..

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After hosting Dance Plus season 2, Raghav shot for producer Mayur Barot's upcoming film 'Nawabzaade' in Varanasi as one of the leads and now he is all set to host Rising Star which will be his first live hosting experience.

Tell us something about your upcoming film ‘Nawaabzaade’?
‘Nawaabzaade’ is a story of three small town boys from UP. I depict of the character. He is witty, street smart. The first schedule of the film has been shot Varanasi, second schedule will start soon in Mumbai.

You have been working with Remo D’Souza since a while now? Is there any such incidence, that is close to you?
Yeah, Remo sir is like a Family to me. He is very sweet and emotional person; he can't be angry with anyone for long time. I remember shoot came to standstill as I reached late on set of earlier movie. He was bit angry, so I went up to him and sang an old song Jeena yaha Marna yahaa and he smiled to it.

You are a heart throb as a host and your jokes light up the stage? Would you like to be the comedy king too?
Be it a dance show or any other reality show I can't be serious; fun elements, entertainment factor has to be there. That's what I am in real life: fun loving, happy young boy. As far as comedy genre is concerned, I am an actor and being that I would like to explore all genre of acting not just comedy, you know. I will maintain my anchoring and acting balanced. I don’t like to get typecast.

Is Raghav looking at being hero too?
Yes, I would like to explore all aspect of being an actor, as I enjoy this art of essaying character of someone else. For me it’s a different world altogether. In real life we all are heroes, as we have to pass through so many hurdles and challenges and come out as a winner. I want to contribute to society and my best capacity and also want to do something for animal welfare too. I want my fans and well-wishers to recognise me as good human being. Onscreen I just want to be an actor.

You bought a new style of dance, now what next?
Since childhood I used to practice slow-motion and then I made it to my style of dance, next I just wants to promote good dance and dancers. So many of talented dancers I got to know like Piyush Bhagat, I would like to promote their dance style. Dance is an infinite art and innovations keeps on, so would like to promote them. Not just mine but all who are talents promoting them would an achievement for me.

You have been a dancer, choreographer, actor and an anchor at such an early age, whom do you share your credit with?
Many people are there can't even count them as their contribution to my journey has been. In these years got to learn so many things from them, even from others mistakes I have learnt lesson. Parents are inseparable part of my success. But my friends back home at Dehradun, those five had been there with me since the beginning. They are the ones who reminds me who I am and where I belong to, they keep me connected to my roots. Remo sir is also an important part of my career.

Give us the definition of success?
SUCCESS is very heavy word. How can one define success is depending on the kind of work they are associated with? For me success is when I can contribute to my society in growth that would be a true one. Now a day’s people turned blind towards nature, that affects all of us, our life and resulted to global warming, where can success be seen in this. For an instance, a person who runs a factory, earns loads of money but he does damage to the environment. That is not successful according to me. So success comes when one helps and lift up society in all aspect.

Is Raghav personally also as naughty or a sober person?
Well yes I am the same as you see me on screen, naughty and happy go lucky. I do pranks sometimes. Once during shoot as it was Holi celebrations were on, I mixed bhaang in everyone's thandai and then all were knocked out director, producer, other crew members and I then made funny videos of their actions.

What is the difference between working on small screen and big screen?
Ans. I have worked for both small and big screen. Difference is a genre; on small screen I have been an anchor to reality shows. Whereas on big screen I get a chance to play a different person who is not me. So while hosting what you get to see is me the actual Raghav but in the movies I have to develop a character, language, looks accordingly.

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