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Fan faints at the box-office

Shah Rukh Khan's most anticipated film Fan fails at the box-office after managing a decent collection in the initial three days of its release

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So, the cat is out and the secret is open that the Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Fan is a disaster. We had written about the possible outcome a few days back. The movie has come down crashing at the box- office. It may not be pleasing to the ears of SRK’s coterie and reviewers who gave four stars to the movie. It could fetch only Rs. 6.05 crore on the fourth day and only 5.75 crore on fifth day. It is to be noted that fifth day i.e.Tuesday was a holiday. Even then the movie could not pull the audience to the theatres.

The box-office collections show poor light on overall revenue of the movie. One of the most eagerly awaited movies of SRK, Fan created hype and business in first three days to some extent. The movie’s collections were Rs. 19.20 crore on Friday, Rs.15.40 crore on Saturday and 17.75 crore on Sunday.

The first three days’ collections could be attributed to the buzz created by the production house and SRK with the help of media, digital marketing and other means of propaganda. But the story took a twist on the consecutive days. Doubts are being raised whether the movie would cross the 100 crore bench mark. The cost of production is said to be over Rs. 105 crore including the P&A. The production house biggies may have to bite nails in anticipation of good cash for the next few days, which seems to be a distant dream.

Like Dilwale, maneuvering did not work for SRK and it fell flat on the ground. Time and again, it has been proved that the content is king and no film maker should take the audience for granted. There have been superstars in yesteryears also. Their attitude and loss of faith in the eyes of audience proved costly and they were thrown into oblivion. Shah Rukh should not forget this. The reviews with four stars by many media critics were manipulated and it was a part of business plan at the cost of the readers and audience.

It is pity to note that the Yash Raj Productions and the SRK’s PR team tried to gain the business by manipulating the media and its representatives by some sort of deal. It is against the ethics of journalism and also an act of misleading to the general audience. Let’s hope that the better sense prevails and the Yash Raj productions and Shah Rukh avoid such maneuvering.

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  1. KMAN124100
    21 Apr 2016

    The only manipulated piece is this article. FAN is a well made