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Divyanka: Life with Vivek is like a fairy tale for me!

Divyanka Tripathi opens up about her life with fiancÚ Vivek Dahiya after their engagement, her past relationships and more

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Divyanka Tripathi has been a household name from the telly town. She recently grabbed headlines when she got engaged to her Yeh Hai Mohabbatein co-star Vivek Dahiya in a private ceremony on Januray 18 this year. The two are all set to take nuptial vows this year.

Speaking about her life after her engagement, she said, “It’s wonderful. Now, we look forward to pack up early and rush to meet each other. There is sense of happiness and contentment in us. It’s like a fairy tale for me.”

The duo fell in love with each other on the sets of their show. “I am happy and blessed to have Vivek in my life. It all started when my mother gave responsibility to Pankaj Bhatia to search for an eligible bachelor for me. Pankaj and Vivek are great buddies and so Pankaj first observed our nature and then he approached Vivek and me and told us to think about each other. Vivek and I would hardly speak to each other and would just exchange formal greetings on the set. Then suddenly when you are told to date each other it was awkward for both of us. Later, we both went out on dates. Although, we officially decided to get engaged three months after Vivek proposed me, it was on our third date that we realised that we are made for each other. It was arranged-cum-love for us. I am thankful to Pankaj for getting Vivek in my life.”

When asked about Vivek’s nature, she added, “Vivek is very calm, composed and sorted. The best thing about him is that he believes in the institution of marriage and he respects and values everything in life. In fact, he is so sorted that we never had any arguments and fight there is a mental telepathy between us before I think of something Vivek is always ready to fulfil it. Life is beautiful and serene with Vivek around. As we have such a deep understanding of each other we don’t really have any arguments even if I raise my voice he is the one who will calm down the situation.”

So, are we going to hear the wedding bells soon? “Our parents will decide on an auspicious time for the wedding date. We have chalked down few dates but nothing is confirmed as of now. I want my wedding in a very traditional manner with selected friends and relatives. I can only say that I will get married this year,” Divyanka said.

Divyanka was earlier in eight years relationship with Sshard Malhotra. When asked what her past relationship has taught her, she averred, “I don’t want to talk about Sshard Malhotra. But yes, I would just say since the time I have come to Mumbai, it has taught me a lot. My past relationships have taught me how to value and respect a person. I value everyone in my life all the more.”

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we asked the pretty actress about her plans for the special day. Speaking about it, she said, “Valentine’s Day is for loved ones and I like to celebrate it with my parents as well. Now, I am waiting for something special from Vivek this valentine. Let him surprise me.”

Divyanka says she has an amazing bond with her mother-in-law. Talking about her, she added, “My mother-in-law treats me as if we are already married. She is always concerned about me and often keeps telling me to sleep and take care of my health. She is so worried that it’s so stressful to shoot such long scene with so much emotion involved. Even my parents are on cloud nine to have Vivek as their son-in-law.”

The newly engaged couple have also been approached for Nach Baliye 8. When asked Divyanka if she would like to participate in a reality show with Vivek, she said, “Why not! If things work out and we are available, we would take up.”

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