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Try sugaring at home instead of waxing

Lifestyle : During the pandemic and quarantine, of the many things that had to undergo a change was the beauty regimen. From root touch-ups to cover grey hair to doing pedicures and home facials, many have taken to doing these regimens at home. Body hair removal is also part of the home beauty regimen and if you are someone who winces at using waxing or even razors, here’s something else. Try sugaring, a simpler less painful method of hair removal. Essentially, sugaring is about using a gel-like mix of sugar with water and lemon that was applied on the skin and was able to remove hair. Here are key reasons why the technique is popular and easy to use…

  • Sugaring can be carried out using the simplest of ingredients – sugar, water and lemon juice, heated to form a thick consistency.
  • It has no chemical additives and is safer for skin.
  • It is not as painful like waxing.
  • The paste is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth and it should be removed in the same direction as the hair growth, to remove hair. With waxing, it’s the opposite.
  • Frequent sugaring is said to lead to a reduction in hair growth.
  • Sugaring can be carried out on the arms and legs but experts warn that if there are any skin issues on the area, it is better to avoid sugaring.
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